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Query Letter Writer / Mass Mailer   
Query Letter Writing and Mail Merging Software   
A Software Component of The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software
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The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software Query Letter Writer® allows you to create query letters, virtually instantly setting the styles of paragraphs, block quotations, epigraphs, fonts, margins, subheadings, and more...every element of your letter.  And you can use the unique Writer's Mail Merge Wizard to merge addresses into your letters as well as to create labels for them.

Prepare a single query letter or a hundred.  With the Query Letter Writer you can prepare semi-customized professionally formatted letters to mail to a hundred or more agents/editors.  Then, with the Mail Merge Wizard capabilities, you can print out your letters as well as labels for the envelope, lick 'em or stick 'em, then mail them.

Here's a screenshot of the Writer's Mail Merge Wizard and Query Letter Writer in action:
Query Letter Writer is now a part of the powerful Wizards for Word SOFTWARE (just $89), which contains everything you need to create EVERY structural element of ANY type of writing.  The Wizard contains ALL the following software components . . .all on one convenient CD (or download):
Book Writer
Essay Formatter
Novel Formatter
Short Story Writer
Thesis/ Dissertation/ Term Paper Writer
Article Writer
Query Letter/Mass Mailer
Proposal Writer
Synopsis Formatter
Ghost Reviewer
and more, including Format Repair Wizard!

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Note: Query Letter Writer is not sold separately.


All software in the Wizards for Word Software Package requires MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, or higher. And it requires WINDOWS 98, ME, 2000, NT4, XP, Vista, 7.0, or higher operating system to run the software.

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