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Novel Formatter   
Novel Formatting Software   
A Software Component of The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software)
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The Wizards for Word 3.0 Software Novel Formatter® formats an entire novel, virtually instantly setting the styles of paragraphs, block quotations, epigraphs, fonts, chapter numbers, page numbers, margins, title page, table of contents, appendices, the index, and more...every element of your novel. And chapters can be worked on separately and brought together in complete order in an instant.

In addition, the Format Repair Wizard lets you easily re-paginate and re-format your rough drafts, adding the proper chapter divisions, headings, paragraph styles, and every other aspect of your manuscript. Great for using on a manuscript that you previously worked on!

Here are some sample screenshots from Novel Formatter:

The software has easy fill-ins:

Novel Formatter is now a part of the powerful Wizards for Word SOFTWARE (just $89), which contains everything you need to create EVERY structural element of ANY type of writing.  The Wizard contains ALL the following software components . . .all on one convenient CD (or download):
Book Writer
Essay Formatter
Novel Formatter
Short Story Writer
Thesis/ Dissertation/ Term Paper Writer
Article Writer
Query Letter/Mass Mailer
Proposal Writer
Synopsis Formatter
Ghost Reviewer
and more, including Format Repair Wizard!

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Note: Novel Formatter is not sold separately.
You can set your Chapter Heading style with just a click of the button on your mouse:

And with the Novel Formatter Style Tool Bar you are a click away from setting a new style for any paragraph:
    This gives you:
  • Chapter Openings (Chap. Number)
  • Chapter Title
  • Indented Body Text
  • Two types of Chapter Epigraph.
  • Epigraph Source
  • Two types of Block Quotation
  • Page Epigraph
  • POV/Scene Change
  • Then you just press Enter, Click and Go.


    All software in the Wizards for Word Software Package requires MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, or higher. And it requires WINDOWS 98, ME, 2000, NT4, XP, Vista, 7.0 or higher operating system to run the software.

    (If you're not sure whether you have MS Word, click here to find out quickly.  Note that if you do not have MS Word, click here to find out how you can quickly secure an inexpensive copy of MS Word.)

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