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Who needs Plain English?

How is Government using StyleWriter and Plain English?

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StyleWriter Software

Will StyleWriter cure all my writing faults?

It will cure the common poor writing habits found in most writing. However, StyleWriter does not replace your spelling checker or your grammar checker. We assume you’ll have your word processor’s spelling checker running when you draft your document.

Instead of duplicating the features you have already built in to your word processor, StyleWriter concentrates on finding thousands of style faults and checking for good English usage.

There are other areas StyleWriter cannot help with — no computer program can. For example, StyleWriter cannot tell you how to plan your document or arrange your sections. It cannot tell you if the content you have chosen is good or bad. One reviewer of StyleWriter summed it up well: “StyleWriter will show you how to write anything in a clear, concise and readable style. However, if you write nonsense, it will show you how to write clear, concise and readable nonsense.”

Is StyleWriter the same as my grammar checker?

No. There’s no need to replace the spelling checker and grammar checker in your word processor. Although using these programs may pick up one or two mistakes, they do not make you a better writer. Besides, we all know how annoying grammar checkers are to use.

StyleWriter, uses a sophisticated and comprehensive database to match patterns in your writing style. Because it does not parse the sentence, the program is quick, working through about a page of text a second and displaying and analyzing all style and possible usage problems throughout the document. This also means there are few, if any, false errors highlighted.

StyleWriter especially impressed me in flagging only a handful of false errors that are so common with grammar checkers. Its advice was intelligent, and it came across as a practical and effective aid to good clear writing.”

PC Plus Magazine
What word processors does StyleWriter work with?

StyleWriter works with all versions of Microsoft Word for Windows. It also works with WordPerfect. You can also use StyleWriter with any Windows application through the clipboard. It works with all versions of Windows, including Windows Vista.

In addition to U.S. English, are there different versions of StyleWriter, such as British and Australian?

We have United States, United Kingdom and Australian versions of the program. Each international version of StyleWriter reflects the English usage of the area. Each entry in the program, its advice and help screens are consistent with the following authorities.

USA — Webster’s Dictionary
UK — Oxford Dictionary
Australia — Macquarie Dictionary

When you install StyleWriter, you can choose the US, UK or Australian versions.

Does StyleWriter explain the editing techniques fully?

Yes. The program advises you of the style problem it finds and offers you some immediate advice. For example, if it highlights the word ‘utilize’ it says it is a complex word and you could replace it with ‘use’. You can click on the category ‘Complex Words’ and the program will offer you more advice on why you should prefer simpler words to complex words.

Click to see sample help screenshot 1

For more advanced editing techniques, such as editing passive verbs, the help screens are essential when you first use the program. You can look at the help screen for specific advice on the editing techniques.

Click to see sample help screenshot 2

The help screens, which you can also call up from within your word processor when you are drafting your document, also include writing tips of writing tasks and writing style.

Click to see sample help screenshot 3

Does StyleWriter look at different writing tasks?

Yes. You can select from 12 different writing tasks depending on your document. When you choose a task, StyleWriter adjusts your writing score ratings.

Click to see sample help screenshot 4

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