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Top Three Mistakes Made by Good Preachers . . .

(Yes, even good preachers make these mistakes!)

. . . And How to Cure Them With SermonBase Software

If you´ve already got the preaching skills...

There are 3 more things you need to do to power up your preaching.

Avoid these 3 common mistakes made by even good preachers.

These are common mistakes which happen, not because they are poor teachers or bad communicators. These mistakes happen because...

WHY? They don´t have the right system or tools to get the job done well.

What is a system? A System is the means to make genius routine. It helps you to keep doing it right, again and again, so that you are consistenly putting out great messages because you are doing the same right things every single week.

First Mistake -- Poor Planning

Poor planning means you have very little real strategic planning for your messages & series.

Questions to ask:

  • How are all the Series tied in together with each other?
  • How far in advance do you plan?
  • How do you know the topics selection for all Series, and all Messages within those Series is balanced and exciting?
  • Have you linked your Messages in with the music, drama, & video teams, and planned it far enough in advance for them to find content?


SermonBase® helps you to plan out your Messages months in advance, and your Series a year or more in advance.

SermonBase elements:

  • ´Strategic Planning´ section for each Series
  • ´Year-at-a-glance Calendar View´, so you can see exactly where your Messages & Series are heading for the entire year or more.
  • ´Drama/Video Report´ helps you to coordinate planning with your creative planning teams

Second Mistake -- Fuzzy Thinking

Fuzzy Thinking means not really knowing what kind of LifeChange is desired.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to achieve?
  • What is my Intellectual Goal?
  • What is my Emotional Goal?
  • What is my desired Action Response?

Also, do you have an integrated goal for the entire Series and for each of the Messages in that Series? SermonBase® will help you to figure all of this out.


SermonBase® helps you to ask the question (and answer), "What am I trying to achieve in terms of intellectual understanding, emotional impact, and actual life change?" SermonBase® will help you to ask that question every single week as you put your messages together.

SermonBase elements:

  • Message Goals
  • Clear listing of Topics, Scriptures, and Series Goals
  • Balanced Introduction & Conclusion guides

Third Mistake -- Disorganized Records

Content is Key!

If you can't find that great material when you need it, then it doesn't matter how good you can speak. Where is that great illustration? or joke? or article on your subject?

Good organization can lead to a good Message.

And after it's over, "Where did I put that that great Message?" For example, did you file that message about Patience under the Topic of 'patience', or under the Scripture of Galatians 5:22 (the fruit of the Spirit of 'patience'), or did you file it with the series you did on 'loving relationships', or under the Title of 'Developing Patience'? Where is it?? That great Message is gone, if you can't find it again. It was a one-hit wonder, never to be used again -- unless you are using SermonBase®!


SermonBase elements:

  • Search for Messages by Title, Topic, Scripture, Speaker, Date
  • Access all related files in one location:
  • In SermonBase®, you have access to every one of the files related to your Message.

Word Documents, PowerPoint files, graphics, articles, jokes, illustrations, etc.

Power up your preaching!

Now, each one of these three mistakes listed above - which even good teachers can make - is solved by SermonBase®! SermonBase provides you with a set of power tools to manage your sermon library more effectively.

How do I know?

Because I´ve been preaching for 25 years, and I created SermonBase® to help me be a well-planned, focused, and organized teacher that can quickly locate my best teaching and put it to use in new and creative ways.

But don´t just take my word for it. The Message is too important to not plan and execute it well!

Dr. William Miller

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