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Top Rated
Ziff-Davis gave Page 2 Stage a 5 star rating in its August 2002 and August 2003 ratings issues.

Leo Award Winner
All of the writers for the popular TV comedy series Point Blank, which recently won the prestigious Leo Award for Best Screenwriting in a Comedy Series, use Page 2 Stage.
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James Napier
...doesn't get in the way of creativity and intuition and allows my writing ideas to keep flowing without my constantly stopping to figure out what to do next...
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From Review in "Writing On Spec" by Dave Michaels
...I believe this program feels better under Windows than any other - a feat indeed and something I liked very much... extremely friendly and easy to use program... the price is right... a big gold star... very intuitive... I'd heartily recommend this program...

Comparative Review by Darcy Moore
...Page 2 Stage was comprehensively the best program to use, at any price...
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Comparative Review in Newbie.org
...it has everything a script writer should want in a word processing program -- only at a fraction of the cost with a wonderfully user friendly interface.
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Writers Guild of America
[Page 2 Stage]...has cleverly taken ideas and features from every word processing or scriptwriting program ever invented....
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Comparative Review by Thomas Kane
In short, I found Page 2 Stage to be every bit as impressive and comprehensive as any of the more expensive screenwriting software platforms out there. If I were to choose a screenwriting package, I can honestly say that Page 2 Stage would be the one I'd keep on my computer.
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