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Other Languages
You can run Page 2 Stage (just $74), the complete screenwriter's word processor and formatter, in English as well as several other languages. The other languages we support are listed to the left. Click on your language to get more information, including a screenshot showing Page 2 Stage in that language.

For a general description of the software (in English), click on any of the links at the top of the page.

Language Support
There are four parts to supporting another language:

  • Resources - The menus, dialog boxes, and messages in the program must be translated.
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus - A dictionary & thesaurus must be provided for that language.
  • Help - The .HLP file must be translated.
  • Character Set - It must be able to handle the alphabet used.

We have the resources fully translated for about 1/3 of the languages. The other languages are partially translated - most of the common Windows terms are translated. In the partially translated versions you will still generally see significantly more translated than English words. More resources are being translated every day.

Dictionary and Thesaurus
We have good dictionaries for all of Western Europe as well as Croatia, Russia and Turkey. We are working on dictionaries for the remaining languages.

The online help is presently only available in English and Croatian. A couple of other languages are presently being translated.

Character Set
Page 2 Stage handles the Character Set for all European and Far East languages. This is handled in all versions. So in the Dutch (or English) version of Page 2 Stage, you can write in Japanese. We are presently adding support for Right-to-Left languages (Arabic & Hebrew). The shipping version handles R-T-L with some restrictions.

If your language is not here, or is not completely translated, and you are willing to translate, please click here. If you translate, in return we will sell you a copy of Page 2 Stage for $1.00.

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