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"[StoryCraft Software is] the best story-development tool on the market today..."
Charles Deemer, ACE Award-winning playwright and webmaster, Screenwriter's and Playwright's Home Page (For full review, click here.)

"This elegant program was designed to teach perfect, pure storytelling.... And, it delivers exactly that, helping writers to take a mere idea and make it into a full, living breathing story."

John Scott Lewinski,
Scr(i)pt Magazine

"It's not hard to figure out why it's become a standard.... I've encountered a lot of people who use StoryCraft and rave about it, and I recommend it...."

Skip Press, Insider's Guide to Hollywood Producers, Directors, and Screenwriter's Agents

"The program is extremely easy to use and is well constructed. The user has only to follow the steps outlined in the tutorials that appear with each section, and they are well on their way to creating their masterpiece."
And: "StoryCraft...allows your creative juices to flow.."

Thomas B. Griffith, Editor-in-Chief, Screenwrite Now!

"StoryCraft is...easy to use, well organized, and has very helpful tutors.... I was very pleased with its user friendliness and found no glitches."

Patti Cearley, Writer's Workshop

"...an ideal program!"

National Writer's Association

"The Jarvis Method...has been the accepted standard for years."
And: "[StoryCraft writer's software] works like magic."

Michael Dale, Writers' Journal

And here are a few more extraordinary commendations from among the literally hundreds of laudatory compliments that have, over the years, been given to StoryCraft writer's software and The Jarvis Method:

StoryCraft writer's software is frequently mentioned or reviewed in Writer's Digest. It was Lawrence DiTillio, writing for Writer's Digest, who was among the first major reviewers to take seriously the then-revolutionary program.

And in the popular national writers' magazine Writers' Journal, software reviewer Michael Dale states succinctly that StoryCraft writer's software is "a story processing program that works like magic."  

And in the Writer's Digest's overview of writer's software by Edgar Bryan, StoryCraft writer's software was among the highest rated software programs for writers.

In the Fiction Writer magazine, Keir Graff notes that "Writer John Jarvis's amalgamation of the teachings of Aristotle, Joseph Campbell, Lajos Egri, Rudyard Kipling and others recognizes the equal, intertwining importance of five distinct elements of fiction -- concept, category, type, components, and structure...[and the software] lays out your choices in these categories step by step." Graff pictures Hollywood execs using StoryCraft even for evalating films: "Though you can use his guidelines to create a novel or a screenplay, one pictures a bunch of Hollywood execs using this type of material as a checklist, much as Joseph Campbell's works are often used: There must be a quest, a helper, a mentor, a nemesis, etc."
    Graff also marvels at how the software improved his own work: "It did do interesting things to my story. Reviewing the character archetypes presented to me, I felt my buddy tale seemed unbalanced and [I] added a love interest.... In StoryCraft parlance, Julie...is the antagonist, for she spurs the change in Travis.... Hank is the gate guardian because he warns Travis off from his goals...." Working within "the narrow parameters of the Jarvis method made me feel my story was more manageable."

Furthermore, a review by Patti Cearley in the prestigious Writer's Workshop magazine, observes the way in which StoryCraft "forces tight writing which is what keeps a story moving and interesting." Dr. Cearley states further:

"StoryCraft delivers and [I] give it a thumbs up. The tutors give you the nuts and bolts to put your story together, and it's a flexible program enabling different treatments and different types of stories...."

The top-rated, nationally syndicated computer column of Universal Press Syndicate - On Computers by Bob Schwabach - poignantly noted that, as a learning tool, StoryCraft writer's software "is closer than [its leading competitor] to what most people expect from a writing instruction program!" Says Schwabach:

"The program takes you through the creation of a completed work of fiction. This will not be somebody else's work of fiction but a story you...write!"

In the prestigious PC Magazine's overview of writer's software programs, it is emphasized that "StoryCraft is far less complicated to use than they [all the other programs] are -- and has a much lower price tag."

In a remarkable review from the New York Screenwriter, the reviewer was particularly struck by the sheer volume of information contained in the StoryCraft writer's software program.

Even The Nightmare Express: The Newsletter for Horror Writers states that StoryCraft writer's software "provide[s] computer users with the capability of writing a complete, sophisticated story. Story writing, it appears, has finally entered the 20th century."

Indeed, StoryCraft has been one of the most reviewed and talked-about writer's software programs around, including top endorsements from Skip Press in his bible of screenwriters' reference books, The Insider's Guide, and from John Scott Lewinski in his review column for the prestigious scr(i)pt magazine.

In the publication of the National Writers Association, the editors observed that StoryCraft writer's software is "an ideal program," especially "for those who desire a more structured look at writing." Indeed, StoryCraft virtually forces its users to sit down and write rather than to grope haphazardly for a story.

In the North Carolina Writers' Network's The Network News, the editor writes, in part:

"StoryCraft...allows writers not just to type and process words, but also to create and structure whole stories, a story-processing program!"

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