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The Luxury Edition is no longer sold separately.
Instead, it is now fully incorporated into the StoryCraft Classic Software.

The Luxury Edition is a specially priced offer that not only includes our StoryCraft Classic Software but also powerful enhancements for trouble-shooting your stories, enhancements we call our Writer's Software Companiontm enhancement (see details farther below).  Also includes:

• ACCESS TO ONLINE LIBRARY of classical literature (foreign as well as American), encyclopedias of literature and mythology, and feature film and television scripts.

• THE ENTIRE ARCHIVE of Story and Myth: The Online Journal of Classic Story Writing, which ran originally from May 1996 to July 1997 and included numerous essays by John Jarvis and others.

As you're reading through the issues of Story and Myth, you'll find of particular interest a column called "Story Typing," which used particular movie classics and blockbusters to illustrate how the Jarvis Method not only describes their structure but also clarifies both their strengths and their deficiencies. Over the years since Story and Myth, it's truly remarkable to see just how much current movies have come to adopt the Jarvis Method.

So for just $69, you get not only StoryCraft New Edition as well as the Original Classic Edition and all of the above, but also all the powerful Companion enhancements!  Let's take a closer look at the Companion now ...


The Writer's Software Companion story troubleshooter enhancement takes you literally from your writing problem to its remedy with a click of the mouse.

Created with the collaboration of Writer's Digest "Fiction" columnist Nancy Kress and computer-industry learning expert Terry Boothman, the Writer's Software Companion(tm) is like a tireless writing coach standing by your side, a coach with all the writing and teaching credentials you could ask for.

And this coach troubleshoots the most critical writer's problems, diagnosing thousands of plot, structural, and dialogue problems (see list of topics), finding hundreds of useful documents based on only a word or phrase from you, defining hundreds of literary terms instantly, offering thousands of possible character names, remembering every question you asked it that day (and knowing the answers) . . . and much more.

And it even offers quick Internet access to more than 50 labor-saving and recreational programs that help writers organize, work, play, learn, and get the most from their PC.


  • Diagnostics: A powerful diagnostic tool that helps with the most common problems for beginning writers such as weak plotting, melodramatic writing, padded prose, poor story logic, missing dramatic question, etc.

  • Key Points: Quick-review synopses of hundreds of writing topics (see list of topics), a bite-sized, predigested summary of the field of fiction writing that radically shortens your learning time.

  • Checklists: Check your work for over 500 technical considerations such as quality of prose, degree of tension, correct use of exposition, etc.  A writing adviser at your fingertips.

  • Quick Studies: Brief, focused, instant-access advice on topics such as conflict, plot, point of view, etc.

  • Columns: Sixty-seven columns on the art of writing published over a five-year period in Writer's Digest magazine, giving you in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the field.

  • Real Samples: Numerous examples of story beginnings, plot structures, dialogue, choices of tone, point of view, etc., drawn from published literature.  See how the experts do it.

  • Hot Words: Instant definitions of hundreds of literary terms.  Just click the mouse.

  • My Notes: Thirteen areas where you add your own notes, a running diary of your thoughts and learning.

  • Literary Terms: A fast-retrieve glossary of hundreds of literary terms, organized alphabetically.  Throw away your "writer's dictionary."

  • Names Catalogue: A catalogue of over 5000 foreign and domestic names for your characters, indexed by both gender and letter of the alphabet.

  • Web Links: A comprehensive collection of 500+ links to Internet sites for writers of every kind, including annotations and detailed descriptions.

  • And much more... including fast Internet access to 57 labor-saving and recreational programs that help writers organize, work, play, learn, and get the most from their PC.

And all these programs are fully searchable in one master search program, allowing you instantly to find any topic covered.  Also, its History feature lets you see all the places you've been in a given session - and return to any location in a single click.  And its Copy feature lets you edit, annotate, and print out any part of the program!


  • Abstract vs. concrete prose and description
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Arranging scene order
  • Avoiding digressions
  • Avoiding padded prose
  • Basing fictional characters on real people
  • Building setting
  • Building suspense
  • Characters' attitudes
  • Characters' dreams
  • Characters' feelings
  • Characters' thoughts
  • Choosing a structure for your novel
  • Choosing an effective point of view
  • Choosing the best writing class
  • Choosing the right tense
  • Controlling authorial distance
  • Creating tension through contrast
  • Creating unsympathetic characters
  • Creating villains
  • Creating vivid characters
  • Deepening description
  • Editing your prose
  • Everything you need on point of view
  • Finding the right job for your character
  • Finding the time to write
  • Fixing broken dialogue
  • Generating story ideas
  • Getting and keeping the right tone
  • Getting story logic right
  • Handling melodrama
  • Handling sex, violence, and strong language
  • How to keep an editor reading
  • Improving when not actually writing
  • Jump-starting your fiction
  • Line-editing your manuscript
  • Making characters change
  • Making your story work
  • Meaning and depth
  • Middles: getting unstuck
  • Motifs: using extended symbols
  • Motivating characters
  • Moving your story toward a sale
  • Naming characters
  • Naming your story
  • Picking up the pace
  • Plotting
  • Point of view: number and consistency
  • Preparing for the ending
  • Revising your work
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Strong opening scenes
  • Ten commandments for writers
  • The dramatic question
  • The right ending for your story
  • Turning dull exposition into lively action
  • Using brand names
  • Using dialogue well
  • Using flashbacks
  • Using imitation
  • Using setting to devise plot
  • What is a 'good' story?
  • When to break the rules
  • Working with critics and critiques
  • Working with theme
  • Workshops and writers' groups
  • Writing credible prose
  • Writing detail
  • Writing 'Everyman'
  • Writing good sentences
  • Writing heightened prose
  • Writing in complete scenes
  • Writing smooth transitions
  • Writing that second scene
  • Writing with economy
  • Writing with style
  • ...and numerous other topics


"The Writer's Software Companion is the best software package I have seen for the budding author. Instead of providing plot skeletons and pushing one to finish a piece, it focuses on learning the craft and absorbing lessons which will be applicable every time one sits down in front of their word processor."
-- Chris Lott, Eclectica Magazine

"I [am] extremely impressed...it's super-easy to navigate, has a friendly interface, and is packed with useful information."
-- Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Editor, Inklings, Newsletter for Writers on the Net

"Rarely will you find the combined professionalism of subject matter expertise and computer-based interactive instructional design in the same product. [This is] a revolutionary system for supporting the on-going growth of learners."
-- Dr. Robert A. Condello, Educational Psychologist

"I think the Companion is . . . a technological breakthrough of sorts. I could have saved myself years of work and an awful lot of money. This is brilliant."
-- Rhea Sugala, new writer

"As a fledgling author, I found the Companion invaluable. It has taught me how to create tension, how to add more drama to the plot, how to decide on a POV, and most importantly, to show the reader rather than tell. It's a great piece of software."
-- Barbara Jean Perkins, new writer

"You get the benefits of a creative writing class but at your own pace, and at your own place...  The Companion is packed full of writing wisdom and humor. It is fun and easy to use, and those two things alone make for faster, more effective learning . . . it is money well spent."
-- Jill Kosmensky, Electronic Writers' Group Magazine

"The Companion supplies a writer's needs in a simple, easily accessible way. It doesn't give you prefabricated plots, characters, or ready-to-wear vehicles for your story-- the Companion provides the type of information you need at the moment you need it, and are most motivated to apply it . . . The user is able to get exactly what's wanted and avoid what isn't."
-- Jackie Jones, reviewer for the NovelAdvice electronic newsletter

"Nancy Kress is one of the most qualified teachers of writing that I've read in (Writer's Digest). This software gives you her expertise in a new and surprisingly creative way. You could learn from it for years."
-- Cynthia Radell, novice writer

"An interactive workshop that can help you improve your fiction-writing skills . . . a writing adviser at your fingertips."
-- Writer's Digest

"The Writer's Software Companion is an incredibly useful resource, and invaluable creative tool."
-- Pure Fiction

The StoryCraft Classic Software is currently just $19!!! And remember, you get everything described above in addition to our Classic StoryCraft Story-Development Software program.  So be sure to order now while the price is at its lowest.

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